Annual Meeting 2014

The 2014 annual meeting will be Thursday, April 24 at 6:00 pm. We will meet in the fellowship hall of the Church of Christ located beside of the Dellwood apartments. The fellowship hall is in back of the church parking lot. We will first enjoy a potluck dinner together. Please call Annette Hudson and tell her what you plan to bring so we can be assured of a balanced meal. If you simply don’t have time to prepare anything bring fried chicken from Ingles deli, chips, soft drinks, store bought cookies or deli salad. Just come.

Our speaker this year is John Murphy of Bullington Gardens. If you are unfamiliar with Bullington you are about to discover a local treasure free for your enjoyment. If you are familiar, you may learn of Bullington’s latest developments.

A most important business meeting will follow. The DHA board has been very hard at work this year updating the covenants and by-laws. In 1999 the state of North Carolina passed the Planned Community Act. This document is rather overwhelming but can be accessed from our website if you wish to read it in its entirety. With the guidance of attorney Erin Dunnuck, the board has reworded some of Dellwood’s covenants to comply with PCA. The board believes these changes will clarify the original intent of the covenants and make them more enforceable against outside pressures that might erode the non-commercial character of our subdivision. It is important that we have good attendance as these changes must be voted on.