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December 2017 Newsletter

Dellwood Digest August 2017

Spring is here! Read the spring 2017 newsletter right here.

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Note: The resident address list is not public for privacy reasons. To request a copy of the list contact Mimi Lucursi or Brian Kowald for the password for the residents list page.

One thought on “Newsletters

  1. Outstanding job on the newsletter and our site!!

    Last week, one of our rentals had “critters” invade the attic and the walls. Turns out flying squirrels had found an opening under the eaves and invited their friends to visit. One fell between the walls and the screeching/banging was amazing for such a tiny creature. How do you remove “critters”? It is involved but I learned a lot about N.C. laws regarding the removal & relocation of wildlife and discovered a valuable resource for our “hood”. Should you have an unwanted invasion, call ASHEVILLE WILDLIFE REMOVAL, RUSTY RUSSELL, @828-333-2266. You will be amazed, impressed and pleased with the quality of his work and pricing. And there is more…it is guaranteed!

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