This site contains news and information about the Dellwood Homeowners Association in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Some History:
In 1970, Chet Phillips contracted for the property that would become Dellwood. After spending a year surveying and laying out roads and lots, he began building the Dellwood apartments. Between building apartment buildings, he and his men built the first homes on Britton and lower Greenwood. At the time, Greenwood only extended up to WoodLawn.  Chet continued to build and expand Dellwood, living in the houses as he built them. He and his wife Virginia lived in as many as ten of the houses.  Covenants were drawn up and filed 1975.  The Dellwood Homeowner’s Association was incorporated in 1981 as a non profit corporation in the state of North Carolina. The covenants were revised in 2000.